Progress Update - 05.07.2017

As some of you may have noticed - there is a new player in Miami: The Dreamers! This whacked out bunch of junkies are surprisingly enough a force to be reckoned with. For more lore on these nut-jobs just head on over the the factions page and press their faction symbol (an eye).

Different weapons and gadgets are in the works and  have been completed, we thought it would be fun to show you some of what we've got in store for the mod's weapon arsenal:

Smoke grenades and teargas grenades! They were made by Lastfirefly while Eskarn made these bad boys function as proper smoke/teargas grenades! Also thank you Ethreon for converting the files.

Right now the team is among other things focused on world and character development, this means writing, making concept art and as you could imagine - a whole lot of discussing! That doesn't stop Mika from working on the actual world space of Miami, it's become almost tradition that we share some of the more recent screenshots of newly built locations, enjoy!


  1. Brilliant work as always!
    Loving the Dreamers, hoping they'll play the 'weird' role in this expac. =p
    Happy to do Concept art!

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  2. This is looking really good. If its Miami there are gonna have to be some Spanish speakers for sure; if your need a couple voice actors for that pm me! Some vintage Cuban music, like conga, would also definitely add to the atmosphere (edit: I see you already have a Cuba-themed radio station, nice!) Keep up the good work!