Progress Update - 17.06.2017

The Miami team has grown quite a bit in every department and the project is moving in a very positive direction. Many very different things are being worked on, everything from new gameplay mechanics to new skill magazines.

It's been awhile since the last update so as you could imagine we have a bunch of new and exciting things added to the mod.

Something that is in the works as of right now is the second radio station of Fallout Miami: "Little Havana Radio Shack", hosted by Thumblesteen!

We don't want to give everything away, some assets, interiors, music, etc, will stay top secret for you to discover yourself when experiencing Miami.
Here is a quick preview on two of the many tracks for the Fallout Miami Soundtrack, composed by TheSurpriser: Have a listen!

To finish things off, as per usual we have some new exteriors screenshots by Mika999!

Also, check the first Fallout Miami Test Gameplay Video!


  1. That looks good. I just wanted to ask... Is this going to be complete overhaul with new story, or you will somehow travel from Commonwealth down to the Miami?

  2. It's gonna be like official DLC, player will travel from Commonwealth down to the Miami.

  3. This "mod" deserves the title of an incremental expansion upgrading the very core of the game...well done!

  4. hey i would love to do smoe voice acting 4 u guys i would like a mobster role if u gots one i can do
    if intersed message me on here

  5. We didn't reach voice recording phase in development jet, but I'll have you in mind if we need voice acting for that role. And thank you for you support! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, we are trying to fit all elements together into a lore friendly story too.

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