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December Progress Update

The holidays are just around the corner, but our gift to you is coming early!
Here’s a little sample of our ambient soundtrack to start off with. This track, composed by Kalle “TheSurpriser” Nilsson (who you might remember from the previous updates), isn’t the most festive, but it’s certainly atmospheric. Play the video and continue reading for the optimal monthly progress update experience.

People come from all over just to vacation in Miami, with the main attraction being the white beaches and turquoise water. We want everyone to be able to experience this when they visit Miami, even if it’s 200 years after a nuclear apocalypse. Have a look at our brand new beaches, by MangaClub and Mika999.

Many of you have been wondering if Miami will have its own signature soft-drink. We’re happy to say that the answer is YES! Pop & Chill is a line of citrus flavored sodas that became a Florida favorite before the war. Despite its refreshing qualities and unique flavor, Pop & Chill didn’t break out nationally and remained a local brand. Here’s a billboard made by our very own Penett, featuring the company mascot!

Every signature soda needs a signature bottle and Penett once again quenches our thirst with this space age design. Pop & Chill comes in three flavors - Original (Lemon), Sunrise (Orange) and the limited release Tropic (Lime). Pop & Chill contains: one whole lemon (or other citrus fruit) per bottle, sodium benzoate, carbonated water, sugar and nicotine.

Our team of elves is hard at work, making all kinds of toys for you to play with, and this one is absolutely liberating. Made by LastFirefly, who I am now being told is not in fact an elf, The Liberator is guaranteed to fulfill all of your FREEDOM needs. Expect to see this four-barreled beast in the hands of Nuclear Patriots across the vacation wasteland.

Fallout Miami has rich, extensive lore and we’re going to tease one of our major locations, Miami natives will probably recognize it.

Now for something special - one of our companion characters. I’d like to introduce you to Kelsey James. An errant electrical and computer engineer, Kelsey spends a lot of her time scavenging for electronics and tinkering with various pre-war devices. She makes a living repairing and maintaining equipment and robots for the denizens of Miami. If there’s something you need fixed (or hacked) or you just want to compare holotape game high scores, she’s your girl. There’s a lot more to her, but you’ll have to find it out for yourselves. Drawn by Cameron August, one of our talented concept artists.

Last, but in no way least, we want to announce that Fallout Miami now has an official subreddit and a community Discord server! Drop by and tell us what you think of the update and a quick reminder, we’re still recruiting, so if you have a skill that you think can help us make Fallout Miami a reality, send in your application. We’ve also opened up preliminary voice actor applications, we’re not casting any characters yet, but you’re free to apply for future consideration.

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over till next year. Happy Holidays from the Fallout Miami team!

- K. Constantine

Progress Update - 08.11.2017

Listen up everyone! The project is currently accepting applications to join the Fallout Miami Development Team. Anyone who feels capable and interested in joining us on this grand creative journey you are very much encouraged to apply right here!

We’re on the hunt for new talented: Level Designers, Concept Artists, 3D Artists, Texture Artists, Scripters and Programmers, Animators and Writers.

The team is always growing, but we feel that it’s time to boost it up! Know that every person we accept into the team will start off as a recruit and is assigned a task, complete this task with grace and you become an official member of the dev team!

With that being said, enjoy this month's development update!

There are a lot of items, concept art and level design that we’re keeping a secret in order to keep the Miami wasteland fresh upon arrival. However we don't see the point in hiding what we’ve already revealed, have a second look at the sleek and updated Uzi by ToastyFresh!

Last week you might recall seeing some “Seaghouls” roaming the broad beaches of Miami, these guys were clad in all kinds of summer-attire and we thought that it only makes sense to show the concept art behind some of the assets you’ve seen. Drawn by our talented Stephan Meury!

Hope you’re as excited to be exploring the post-apocalyptic Miami as we are. We want to give you another taste for the feel of the place, so here is some neat level design by Mika999 with custom work-in-progress weather by Mangaclub.

Let's go out with a banger, take a look at one of the many Miami Mornings issues! Drawn by Matt DeMino! As come to expect, these magazines will be scattered around paradise for all you hoarders out there.

- Kalle “TheSurpriser” Nilsson

Progress Update - 09.10.2017

Hello and welcome, let’s dive right into this progression update!

To start things off we have another glimpse of the Miami beaches (WIP), although people don’t really come here to relax anymore (unless mowing down hordes of ghouls is your kind of vacation).

The chill ghouls of Miami are getting attired in some cool short-sleeved shirts among other things, our fantastic asset creator/outfit designer Truly Britsy made sure the players could wear them as well.

The Rad Surfer Dude radio host now has a face, drawn by one of our many talented concept artists; Sfaira!

Here are some samples from Miami Wasteland Radio, voiced by Aubrey Chris Rodriguez.

On the topic of voice acting, the great people over at Creator’s Network will be aiding and collaborating with the Fallout Miami team. Creator’s Network is a community that supports creative productions like mods and machinimas. They’ve provided voice actors, support and community for The Frontier, Atomguard, The Deterrent, Tales of New Reno Redux - Episode 2 and many other Fallout mods. We are very happy to be working with them!

Creator’s Network

To end things we have some new images from the level design department, as is tradition. Enjoy Mika’s latest work!

That’s it for this time unfortunately, I’ve been writing these for some time now and it's always fun to present new things for the community- thanks for sticking around and I’ll see you all in the next update!

- Kalle “TheSurpriser” Nilsson