Miami Surfboards by Noel Salas

Pop & Chill Vending machine concept by Matt DeMino

The Cubanos - outfits concept by Fernando Correa

The Nuclear Patriots - outfits concept by Nelio

Rad Surfer Dude character concept by Sfaira

Pop & Chill concept by Penett.

Beach ghouls outfits concept by Stephan Meury.

Kelsey James concept by Cameron August.

Sharkclaw and Sharkclow Pup concept by hard_lighter

Acid Toy Gun concept by Sfaira

The Dreamers concept by Cameron August

Jimmy Hart concept by Cameron August

Cuban singer poster concept by NomaN

Axel Slate concept by Alice

Carlos Trueno concept by Cameron August

Horror movie poster by NomaN

Tide Riders concept by Vii

Max Guru concept by Sfaira

Prototype Q42 concept by Sfaira


  1. I know its wishful thinking but is there gonna wild life in miami? What disappointed me when exploring the commonwealth is that animals are not easy to encounter through the wasteland,they had a lot of time to adapt to their environment and reproduce for 200 years,there should be animals that live in florida, miami such as panthers, feral hogs, florida black bears (yao guai), raccoons (using the molerat model), alligators (gatorclaws, created by a replica of a machine made by robco, similar to the dlc nuka world), living dolphins.

    1. There was a mod that added wildlife to the waters:

      but it was super glitchy and hasn't been updated in a year.

  2. Of course it will be animal life, and in the next update I will present you some new screenshots from the part of the town overgrown with grass and trees. This part of the city will look like the city form game Last of us or move I am a legend, and there you can find animal life too. :)

  3. Seriously loving the test play trailer on YouTube. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Im loving everything I see here! Everytime you guys release an update I get more excited! And I have a Question, will this mod add new companions? I would love to have one of that shark-looking creatures to explore miami with me! Keep up the good work!

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  6. this is cool i hopemit goes on xbox

  7. hey will this be something like nuke world and far harbour or will it change the entire fallout 4 landskape

  8. hey you know the drivable and also hovering truck mod well mayby you could have a man who makes the flying delorian there allerdy is a fallout modder who make the delorian so that would be cool and a delorian amd miami kind of mix so you should do that

  9. Will there be anything related to the Miami Heat's, Dolphins', or Marlins' Stadiums. It would be cool to have Baseball, Basketball, and Football stadiums. I'm guessing it's too late and it won't be in the mod because I would've seen it. Also if the map is based on the layout of real Miami they'd probably be far apart and not fit.

  10. i hope the npc voice is good