June Progress Update

Enjoying the summer heat? Let’s have a quick and refreshing Fallout: Miami progress update.

What happens when a golf course goes untended for 200 years? It gets a bit wild. Nature has reclaimed a sizable chunk of Miami beach. Instead of a round of golf, expect more of a swampy jungle experience. Here’s an ambient track that will haunt you while you explore the overgrown golf course. Composed by newcomer Octopus Rage.

We showed off the various citrusy flavors of Pop & Chill last month and we’re sticking to that theme with this one. Enter Florida’s state fruit, and our new consumable—the orange. Photogrammetrized by Carlos Faustino.

We know you like new toys, so here’s one that goes bang with a flash. Coolest Guy has got you covered when you absolutely, positively have to blind and deafen every raider in the room.

Like I said, we’re keeping it short but sweet. For your monthly dose of ingame screenshots, we have a new location on the Fallout 4 map—North Weymouth. A quiet little town, population zero, is the place where the Sole Survivor’s new adventure begins.

Don’t forget to drop by our community Discord if you want to get in touch, and if you think you have what it takes to help us make Fallout: Miami a reality, send us your application. We’re currently looking for 3D asset artists, level designers, animators and programmers.

- K. Constantine


  1. Is this mod going to replace the Commonwealth or will it add a new world-space to the existing Fallout 4 content?

  2. Thank you for making a Golf Course jungle! Everyone thinks that a 200 year old wasteland looks dead, 200 years is more than enough time for nature to take over everything! Nice to find someone who understands that too :)

    1. too be fair, nuclear fallout does tend to kill a lot of things

  3. Your oranges actually look more appetizing than the ones down here. :)