April Progress Update

Hi, us again. Last month we said that there wouldn’t be a monthly update, we had plans to release a trailer, which got pushed back a little bit—we want it to be as good as possible. We recently released a teaser and it’s received over half a million views. We’re absolutely blown away by the reception and are hard at work on the full trailer, which should be dropping soon™. That being said, we felt bad leaving you with just a tease, so here’s another Fallout: Miami monthly update, this one’s on us.

Speaking of the teaser, you were all very impressed with the wonderful backing track composed by Sergey Neiss, so here it is.

Download links:

Back in March, we showed off one of the pre-war entertainment posters, drawn by NomaN. There’s more than one way to spend a pleasant evening in Miami. Apart from piano bars, you can go out and catch a movie, a horror movie, a horror movie about a killer robot. Poster courtesy of NomaN.

Weapon time! Chainsaw by Coolest Guy, not much more to say. Expect to find this piece of equipment in H&H Tools stores and in the hands of those willing to rip and/or tear.

Sticking to the theme or tools turned weapons, here’s a bit of concept art for an entrenching tool, by hard_lighter. Miami may not have suffered direct nuclear attacks, but the city was in chaos all the same. Par for the course for an apocalypse. The military was called in to control the situation, but two hundred years later, only scattered equipment and desolate checkpoints remain.

Now for an old favorite. We’ve been working on the Uzi, it now has weapon mods, some of which you can see here. Original asset by ToastyFresh, mods by TorqueDigital.

Let’s talk characters. You might remember the Dreamers from our February monthly update, there we mentioned that an “ambitious member of the Cubanos” saw potential in getting them hooked on Luna. His name is Carlos Trueno.
Suave, opportunistic and with little respect for the core values of the Cubanos, it’s no wonder that Carlos earned the ire of the Segura family patriarch, and Cubanos boss—Emilio Segura. He was punished for his transgression, violently. The cybernetic prostheses serve as reminders of what youthful arrogance can lead to. This all happened many years ago, Mr. Segura is old now, and Carlos thinks it’s time for the Cubanos to take a different approach to business. Concept art by
Cameron August.

Ingame screenshots are a staple of these monthly updates, April is no exception. Enjoy.

Thank you for all of your support and the amazing reception of the teaser. Your appreciation for our work is one of the things that motivates us to make Miami as amazing as possible. Don’t forget to drop by our community Discord if you want to get in touch, and if you think you have what it takes to help us make Fallout: Miami a reality, send us your application.

- K. Constantine


  1. This looks amazing. I'm excited to be a VO for it and to play it.

  2. mm yes fallwave

  3. This looks great, but there is one thing about fallout that litteraly bugs me: The MASSIVE bugs/insects... Will there be a way to... "Remove" all the filth from this mod just like I did with the basegame and expansions? Or will there be custom buggers to kill and will that be more... difficult to do so?

  4. The massive bugs are apart of the series, by removing them. it makes this less of a fallout game/mod and turns it into a POV of what someone thinks would happen in the event of nuclear devastation on the entire earth, as made canon by chris avellone the original storyboard artist, and quest creator for the fallout series, reguardless of what bethesda decided to do with it, Chris is the everything that Todd Howard wishes he was.

    1. That is true, but as someone with Entomophobia, I want to play this... Expansion, but do not want that... filth in my game, so my question was if I COULD PERSONALY REMOVE them, not if they were canon or not. Because I frankly do not care if massive musquito's I get a heartattack from are canon. I just do not want them in my game... I do not care of death, torture and anything in between, just **** the insects.

  5. This looks fantastic and I have no doubt the game will be huge. What I would like to know is will we finally get fallout online with this?

  6. Do you plan to have this on Nexus?

  7. Will this be on xbox?
    It does look like a great mod but i dont have fallout 4 for computer only xbox

  8. What platforms will this be available on?

  9. ive said it before and il say it again PLEASE BE ON XBOX ONE

  10. MANi wish I cold help but im only raeally good at playing games and drawing really bad stuff