Progress Update - 05.09.2017

What's up everyone, time for some updates on what we've been working on!

One of our great asset artists, Truly_Britsy, has made some progress on one of the Nuclear Patriot outfits. Here is a teaser of his work:

Modeled after this neat piece of concept art drawn by our lovely Nelio!

As always, Mika has made further progress on the Miami worldspace which we'd like to share with you! It's all in the details ;)

On the topic of world design, one of our more recent members, StarCornet, has made some fine interior work for some of the haunting hotels of Miami. Have a look!

A while back you got to hear two snippets of the Fallout Miami Soundtrack. Enjoy a full listen to one of the many tracks off the album made by our composer, TheSurpriser!

Finally, a small teaser for the lore of Fallout Miami...

Thanks for reading, we'll see you in Miami- oh and bring some sunscreen! :)


  1. wait, so fallout miami is gunnna be in cuba?

    1. Writer here. Fallout Miami will not take place in Cuba, as the Fallout franchise is traditionally always set in the continental United States. Cuba, along with the events that happened there, were important for the history of Miami in the real world, the same is true for Fallout Miami.

    2. Weird that the user above is anonymous but I assume it's Thracian who answered this one.

    3. ahhh ok thanks. I was a bit confused. I'm fully aware of the fact that fallout needs to be in the US.

    4. Well, needs to be Miami I'd say haha