First In-game Faction Details

Nuclear Patriots

Those folks are not an ordinary gang. They are fearless and can be quite cruel, but they can also be friendly, at least until you don't stand on their way... or you are a Slaver. Protecting the weak is not their motto, but abusers of the weak are driving them crazy. They are so harsh that even their gang members will pay price in life if someone cross "The Red Line". And what "The Red Line" stands for? It's simple - don't be a cuckoo. If you harass someone obviously physically weaker than you, you will be warned or even dead; If you are humiliating someone, you are so dead;

Raiding Raiders and Gunner's outputs are their routines. Loot is pretty good, it can fulfill all the needs of a motorized gang with no lack, but attacks of Slavers' caravans are something special... Slavers trample the Nuclear Patriots principles so much that they increased their hatred even over a personal level. After they crush them (literally), they don't keep freed people for slaves, they simply don't care for them. But still, they give them a choice, they can join them or they can go on their way. Most of them stay with the gang because they are grateful for sparing their life, but, they are not full members yet, they have to work and help around the Nuclear Patriots base.

One of the first things that a player will encounter is a Nuclear patriots faction.  They are settled in the abandoned parking building, surrounded by the concrete walls. Their stronghold is good enough to endure most of the attacks.  But everyone knows the Nuclear patriots' nature, and no one dares to attack them, of course, there are always some fools, but these attacks are very rare.

Near the outpost is a populated residential area, formed out of the rescued slaves who are working under Nuclear Patriots protection. Most of them are producing food and water, and share it with their protectors, but also this slave settlement is providing a share of the profits from trade with traveling merchants. Slaver's settlements are not fortified such good as Nuclear Patriots garage (they created most fortification by themselves, Patriots didn't provide any materials or help to build it), but they are using warnings messages that indicate who protects them and that's not a good idea to deal with them.

For many outsiders, such cooperation is strange and incomprehensive, but every dweller knows his place and who he need to thank for the freedom and life that they built there. They just say:

You will never understand, they came from heavens and like the angels brought us mercy... and that's what they are, the angels of death...

The most respected members of the gang have trier's own vehicles and crew. Usually, those vehicles are custom made, built from collected wasteland scrap. Some of them are upgraded vehicles stolen from the Slavers convoys. Those convoys are well equipped for defending their merchandise (read slaves), and like this, they are highly ranked target for attack. However, the Nuclear Patriots still want to upgrade those vehicles by their standards, by removing unnecessary cages, adding better hull armor and better engine.

Well, it is not all that serious... They have fun. They have their own death race. The one who wins the race takes the lead over the gang. In this race, everything is allowed: custom cars, custom weapons, custom fight. Just to get to the finish line.

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