Mod Contributors:

Creator's Network - Supplying Creative Personnel and Advertising

DogtoothCG - Officers Uniform

jcdenton2012 - Skyskraper models from the Project Miami

XricsX - X-01 Power Armor Paintjob

Quaz30 - Miami interiors

Trinity Test - "Welcome to Miami Beach" sign

Ethreon (Modification and conversion of 3D models)

Eskarn (Gameplay Systems)

robersonb1 - Revolver Reload Animation

Nemanja Bukatarevic "Meda" (Web Consulting)

Stephen Kyte (SirBalin) - Writer and General assistant

Noel Salas (Oldskoolepitaph) - Miami Surfboards

Fuzzy - 3D and Textures assistant

Pandamic (Guitar animations)

DeadPool2099 (Guitar Asset)

F4: New Vegas Team (Permission to use guitar asset)

Flenarn (Technical adviser)

Mator (Merging adviser)

Renafox (F4: New Vegas Convertable Car)

tgspy - Frontier Project Manager (General assistant)

Zilav (merging scripts)