Project leader:

Milan Brajkovic (Mika999) - Visual Artist

"I am not a good writer, and I'll probably write this paragraph incorrectly lol... What to say, my name is Milan and I am from Serbia, and you probably know me as Mika999 from Nexus mods. I love all kind of arts and modding is like my hobby and passion. :) You probably already know my mods such as Better Series for Fallout 4 and Shard of Oblivion for Skyrim. Well, hold on tight and prepare for my new upcoming DLC-size mod for Fallout 4 that will be remembered as Fallout Miami!"

Asset Creators:

Alicia (500slr- 3D Artist

"Hello. My name is Alisia. This is my artist name (something like a pen name). I live in Japan. I have been making 3DCG for almost ten years. I tried 3DCG once as a job, but I was frustrated.
But making 3DCG is fun. Even if I can not do my job to earn money, making 3DCG has become my life work.
Currently I am active mainly at the Nexus Forum."

Bezhan Barawi (TrinityTest) - 3D Artist

"My name is Bezhan, I am a Biomedical Scientist student located in Sweden. I am a self–taught 3D/2D artist with over 4 years experience. I enjoy modding games, something i have been doing for some time, the most recent game being Fallout 4. You can find me on the Nexus site under the name TrinityTest."

Ben Ephla (Ephla442) - Texture Artist

"My name is Ben, I'm a colour blind digital artist from Scotland, UK.  I'm a modder, gamer, artist, husband, and father of two.  I've most recently been active in the Fallout 4 modding community, my most well known mod being,  Ephla's Unique - Chem Retextures, however I am also a YouTube content creator, and upload a range of art related videos to my YouTube channel, from pixel art timelapses, to free graphics which can be found on my Discord Server.  I try to keep myself active with art related projects, and I'm lucky enough to have a platform on which to share my work with you awesome folks, whether it be on the Nexus, Discord, YouTube, or Twitter."

Keith King (KKthebeast) - 3d Artist

"Hey guys KKthebeast here, aka "Dr. FrankenMesh", from the "great state of Texas"...and no, I do not have the accent, sorry "y'all".  I contribute to the project with general asset development & mesh hackery. Most of what i do is behind the scenes or building & converting assets from one form to another in 3ds Max and Nifskope. Rigging, Skinning, Dismemberment, Collisions, Animation, or just smashing things together until they work right, etc. Jack of all trades...master of none :P. Honored to be a member of this awesome group of truly talented people."

Maksymilian Genewicz (MaxG3D) - 3D Artist, Animator

"3D animator from Poland, with over 5 years of experience in working with 3DS Max. I specialize in first person animations, but I certainly don't limit myself to it and try to do third person stuff from time to time. I have been a modder for quite some time, working mostly on Source Engine games and recently, Fallout 4. I'm interested in pretty much all aspect of game design, maybe aside from programming. If you wanna check out my stuff, you can go to my YouTube channel or stalk me on Twitter. I'm also active on Discord (MaxG3D#4323)."

Emil (Lastfirefly) - 3D Artist

"I'm a swede and a gamer. Been a gamer since I was 8 years old and got my first XBOX and since then I was hooked. Favorite games are Alan Wake and Dying Light.  I'm fascinated by games which made me become a 3D Artist and been going at it for 3 years now!"

Alex (Truly_Britsy) - 3D Artist, Character Designer

"Hello blokes and all, it's yours 'truly' Alex Edgeworth here, bringing brand new clothing for the team. Character design is a fun and challenging task, which if you know us Brits we do love a challenge. I'm self taught and I'm glad to be an asset to the team and work alongside many talented lads. If you would like to be able to talk me my discord name is  @Truly_Britsy#3564. See you in Miami!"

Shun (m150) - 3D Artist, Programmer 

"My name is m150. I am a web programmer from Japan.
My hobby is modding, I am making mods for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.
I mainly make mods such as robots, abominations, funny weapons and armors..

You can follow my work on Nexus and Twitter."


K. Constantine (Thracian) - Writer

"I write things. Been doing it for a while now. I've had two short stories and a few essays published in magazines back in my native Bulgaria. I'm starting to get into English language writing and am currently working on my premier novella "Title Drop"."

Concept Art:

Oliwia Białek (Sfaira) - Concept and Character Artist

"Hi there! 
I'm a self-taught hobbyist concept artist from Poland, working my way to becoming a professional someday. 
I fancy especially character design and publish my works and sketches (lots of sketches) on DeviantArt, tumblr and Facebook, all under the same nickname - Sfaira. While postapo and military are my favourite themes, you can find there also historical settings such as 1930s or pirates.

I am a nerd, so I can be found at polish conventions and LARPs, or playing some table-top RPG. You can catch me on discord as well - it's Sfaira #0591, but beware, I may use my magic phrase - "I have no time !"

Cameron August - Concept and Character Artist

"Machinist by trade, hyper-focused hobbyist by calling. I will find ways to create in any medium as long as it holds my interest long enough.
I am self-disciplined in digital illustration, traditional/digital sculpting, CAD modeling, airbrushing, flash animation, and a whole lot of guitar.

Ever since I was a wee babe of 10 years old with the release of Fallout 1, I've held a deep love for the Fallout series. I currently create comics in the fandom with my wife: Gabi that you can read in relative order on Tapastic. I can mostly be found posting on Tumblr and deviantArt."

Alexandre (Nelio) - Concept and Character Artist

"Hi everyone, My name is Alexandre but I use Nelio like nickname. I'm studying the concept art at Pivaut school in France. So of course i'm a french guy. I try hard to become a concept artist some day. I like do concepts of Characters. It's like my violin of Ingres. And I like imagine stories and props too. I'm very curious and I like lot of form of Art. For me, It's the best way to exprime a point of view, or an idea. The Art is everywhere. In every little things. And all days is a pretext to marvel. And I am also a big nerd, I like some of video games, but Fallout franchise, The last of Us or Arkane's games are things I particularly like .The drawing is too my great passion,  I'm drawing a lot of piece of shit and other stuff more good. You can find some of my creations on my Artstation page and also follow me on my Facebook page there if you want.

Junki, Jeong (Penett) - Concept Artist

"Hi. :) I am freelancer concept artist from Seoul, Korea. I love gaming culture and making reasonable visual concept. as a big fan of all fallout franchise, I'm glad to work with our team.
I work only for outsourcing after several leave and frustration with my professional game dev career. e-mail contact always welcome.

Check out my my Artstation"

Pierluigi Caputo (Mr.Caputo) - Concept Artist

"Ciao, Buongiorno, buon pomeriggio e buonasera! I'm Pierluigi Caputo and i'm from the wonderful place, Italy! As an aspiring comic book artist, cartoonist and Batman fan, I love the chaos, madness, fun and joy that only a cartoon can give. In this fantastic team I take care designing the frames of our beloved Vault Boy. For more info about my art, check my Tumbler, Twitter and Instagram.

I like being creative and finding a way to make anything original, not necessarily too fancy and too poor, but classy. Just like New Vegas and the great Mr.House in the fabulous Lucky 38.

I have followed the Fallout saga since its creation, from the legendary Fallout 1 with the Master, the Enclave in 2, the deleted Van Buren, and the not so Fallout chapters, Brotherhood and Tactics. And its rebirth with Fallout 3, the improvements with New Vegas, up to the known Fallout 4 (which everyone hate and loved). Working on this project will be an interesting experience. Let's put it all boys!"


Kalle Nilsson (TheSurpriser) - Composer, Voice Actor, Writer

"I produce music and when I'm feeling extra frisky I'm a voice actor and writer. Whilst this is something I do for fun in my spare time, it's also something I have a great passion for and projects like these give much opportunity for creating something new and unique. I'm a Swedish youngster and a big fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

Hear me at:"

Aubrey Chris Rodrigues (Ace Moonwalker) - Voice Actor

"My name is Aubrey Chris Rodrigues and i'm in a movie called Tapped out and a short film called The big come down. I've also dun music videos "Prestige and logic _ Time is money", "Prestige_Forword" and more.

I'm currently a father so i'm real busy all the time. My part time job is working in theater production such as Broadway live shows and concert stage production set up."

Level Design and Climate:

Mangaclub - Weathers, Water effects
"Greetings everyone, it's me Mangaclub. I am a Self employed Graphics Designer, Webdesigner and Advertising specialist and in my rare sparetime i create mods for Skyrim and Fallout as well as using the word "Boobs" too often in Public. For this Project i am creating Weathers, Clouds, Water effect  and Color correction to fit to the Hot Humind Miami Theme.

Check out my official Modding projects for Fallout Like Vivid Weathers and Radiant clouds and Fogs"

Dylan Wilson (StarCornet) - Level Designer

"Hello I'm starcornet I'm a modder for Skyrim (Nothollom) and fallout and have been apart of many projects for Bethesda games. I am a level design for the Miami team. The things I make are to look good and to be fun to play using the Bethesda formula for level design."

Adão DeSousa (Sir Wulf of Portugal) - Level Designer

"Biomedical Engineer by day, Gamer/Modder by night. I've been creating mods for Fallout games since 2011; it's my favorite series, but I enjoy a wide range of games and I've been gaming since I was a child. I'm very excited to be a part of such a large and talented team, and know we'll create an amazing world to enjoy."