Milan Brajkovic (Mika999) - Visual Artist

"I am not a good writer, and I'll probably write this paragraph incorrectly lol... What to say, my name is Milan and I am from Serbia, and you probably know me as Mika999 from Nexus mods. I love all kind of arts and modding is like my hobby and passion. :) You probably already know my mods such as Better Series for Fallout 4 and Shard of Oblivion for Skyrim. Well, hold on tight and prepare for my new upcoming DLC-size mod for Fallout 4 that will be remembered as Fallout Miami!"

Project Leads:

K. Constantine (Thracian) - Lead Writer

"I write things. Been doing it for a while now. I've had two short stories and a few essays published in magazines back in my native Bulgaria. I'm starting to get into English language writing and am currently working on my premier novella "Title Drop"."

Departments Leads:

Simon Grunwald (Systoliker) - Lead Programmer 

"Hello there!
My name is Simon. Also known as Systoliker on Discord and other social media.
I am from Germany. I still go to school. In my free time I mostly play table tennis with my friends or just go for a walk with my dog in the forest. The rest of my free time I spend on modding, of course ;)
When I was seven I really enjoyed creating board games for my friends and of course for myself. A few years later I created my first simple "arcade-game" with Greenfoot in school, because of that I recognized how much fun I have in creating and coding game systems in general. With fourteen I programmed my first little text RPG game. Two years later I started to work with the Creation Kit of Skyrim because I promised my friend to fix and improve his "hjerim" (It was broken for whatever reason). After that I wanted to start learning "level design" for Skyrim by creating new houses and dungeons. I was/am really bad in level design… lol.
However, that was not enough for me, so I started to script quests for these locations, so I learned scripting in CK really fast. With these knowledges I joined "Beyond Skyrim: Iliac Bay" project. There I learned a lot of new scripting technic. Then I changed over to the Fallout 4 Creation Kit and started my first own project "Nuka World Plus". With that I improved my scripting skills even more. With this WIP mod I wrote an application to the Fallout Miami team..."

Oliwia Białek (Sfaira) - Lead Concept and Character Artist

"Hi there! 
I'm a self-taught hobbyist concept artist from Poland, working my way to becoming a professional someday. 
I fancy especially character design and publish my works and sketches (lots of sketches) on DeviantArt, tumblr and Facebook, all under the same nickname - Sfaira. While postapo and military are my favourite themes, you can find there also historical settings such as 1930s or pirates.

I am a nerd, so I can be found at polish conventions and LARPs, or playing some table-top RPG. You can catch me on discord as well - it's Sfaira #0591, but beware, I may use my magic phrase - "I have no time !"

Kalle Nilsson (TheSurpriser) - Composer, Voice Actor, Writer

"I produce music and when I'm feeling extra frisky I'm a voice actor and writer. Whilst this is something I do for fun in my spare time, it's also something I have a great passion for and projects like these give much opportunity for creating something new and unique. I'm a Swedish youngster and a big fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

Hear me at:"

Michelangelo (Volperr) - Lead Writer

"I was named after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
My mom insists that it was actually after the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo, but my love for pizza is evidence of the contrary. Either way, I decided to become a writer rather than follow in the footsteps of a mutant sewer reptile that fights crime. Or one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived.
I have written a multitude of things, from published short-stories and poetry, to webcomics and an award-winning shortfilm. I love collaborating with people and as I always said, I have been put on this world to create dope shit. That or fight crime in a costume. Less bruises this way. Check out my website for some of my work!"

Cooler Than Coolest (Tyler Woods) 3D Lead

"Hey, I'm a self-taught 3D Artist, who loves Fallout games. Been seriously doing 3D for over a year now, using 3ds Max and Substance Painter as my main tools, I'm really wanting to make a career doing 3D, that's one of the reasons I joined Miami was to get better experience working in a team environment. I've been with a ton of mod projects in the past, all of them in Fallout, as I absolutely love the retro-futuristic and post apocalyptic design. You can check out some of my works here on Artstation"

Dylan Wilson (StarCornet) - Lead Level Designer

"Hello I'm starcornet I'm a modder for Skyrim (Nothollom) and fallout and have been apart of many projects for Bethesda games. I am a level design for the Miami team. The things I make are to look good and to be fun to play using the Bethesda formula for level design."

Sergey Neiss (Sergeyneiss) - Sound Lead

"Hey there!
I'm Sergey, composer and songwriter. Writing music is what I love the most and that's what I have been doing for many many years now :)
Being a part of a large-scale project like Miami has been a blast so far, a chance to collaborate and work closely with a big group of talented individuals is an experience second to none, it constantly pushes me to try out new things in my field, experiment, strive for more quality and hone my skills more and more as a professional musician.
Currently studying composition and jamming in my hometown Moscow.

You can hear my stuff here: You'll find orchestral and instrumental music, songs, ambient and even some electronic dance tracks. :D "

Maksymilian Genewicz (MaxG3D) - 3D Lead Animator

"3D animator from Poland, with over 5 years of experience in working with 3DS Max. I specialize in first person animations, but I certainly don't limit myself to it and try to do third person stuff from time to time. I have been a modder for quite some time, working mostly on Source Engine games and recently, Fallout 4. I'm interested in pretty much all aspect of game design, maybe aside from programming. If you wanna check out my stuff, you can go to my YouTube channel or stalk me on Twitter. I'm also active on Discord (MaxG3D#4323)."


Steve Rittenhouse - Writer
Steph G. Lourenço - Writer
CaptainGrue - Writer
Gabriel Troski - Writer
Aaron Margolin - Writer
Nicole Stanford - Writer
Doug McKeown - Writer
Mya Schuwerk - Writer & Voice Actor
Katie Luo - Writer
Luke Walaszek - Writer
Anna Birna Turner - Writer
Deanna Katherine - Writer
Dorian Pillari - Texture Artist
Adam Doyle - 3D Artist
Pavel Nowski - 3D Artist
Chris Law - 3D Artist
Clarence Lowe - 3D Artist
Damian Tkaczyk - 3D Artist
Denis Mladenovic - 3D Artist
Luke Dickson - 3D Artist
Osvel Cabrera - 3D Artist
Trey Ramm - 3D Artist
Loafmeister - 3D Artist
Alejandro Avila - 3D Artist
Matthew Stevens - 3D Artist
Penelope Tay - Creature Artist
Robin Noel - 3D Artist
Ryce Kaeks - 3D Artist
Dean Beckingham - 3D Artist
Alejandro Hernandez - 3D Artist


Pavel Nowski - Level Designer
Sarah Frias - Level Designer
Tommy Bashor - Level Designer
Gonçalo Silva - Level Designer
Adam Souza - Level Designer
Matthew Marquis - Level Designer
Chase Anderson - Level Designer
Ian Kinler - Level Designer
Mangaclub - Environmental Artist 


Pontus Johansson - Trailer Creator
Filip - Monthly Update Editor
Sleep - Instagram Manager


BigBrother - 3D Animator
Nick Tiberio - 3D Animator
Daniel McBride - Programmer
DieFeM - Programmer
Edward Facundo - Programmer
Envy123 - Programmer
LaDwan - Programmer
Lurrik - Programmer
Timebomb - Programmer
Tsuna - Implementation


Matthew Bertram - Music Composer
Adam Kallibjian - Music Composer
Kalle Nilsson - Music Composer
Engon - Music Composer
Jeffrey Brice - SFX Artist
Nick Reedy - SFX Artist
Brandoman - VA Director


Aidan Takeda-Curran - 2D Artist
Bruno Sathler - 2D Artist & Flash Animator
Charlie Wilcher - 2D Artist & Flash Animator
James O'Dwyer - 2D Artist & Flash Animator
Elena Nozdrina - 2D Artist 
Elena Barbieri - 2D Artist
Stanislav Dikolenko - 2D Artist
Marko Lipovac - 2D Artist
Jose Soto - 2D Artist
Laura Escoin - 2D Artist
Cameron August - 2D Artist
Lauri Lindunen - 2D Artist
David Mattiacci - 2D Artist
Gordon Tian - 2D Artist
Annabel Coe - 2D Artist
Stephane Meury - 2D Artist
Qsy - 2D Artist